This is where I first began on the web in 1996, and it is probably the most extensive aspect of my site. Here you can find photos, essays, tours, informational tidbits, and my vast library of fan fiction -- more than twenty stories, now -- on the world of Marty McFly, Doc Brown, and flying DeLoreans.


Kristen's Back to the Future Fanfix
My original and ever-evolving collection of stories can be found here! It includes novellas, novels, vignettes, random short pieces, and even a "what if" miniseries....

Mary Jean Holmes' Back to the Future Fan Fiction
If you haven't yet read her work, it is a must. The stories are awesome continuations of the series and written with the utmost professionalism. (No drippy Mary Sues or slash here!)

The Back to the Future Fan Fiction Directory
There is a variety of other fanfic out there, and this website is on top of it, having neatly organized everything in an easy-to-navigate way. The webmaster promises regular updates, too!


Sightseeing in Hill Valley
This area contains the photographic evidence from a few days' celebration during the BTTF DVD release in December 2002. Also included are photographs from the historic rail museum in Jamestown, Calif. (taken February 2003), where several of the train-related props are located to this day!

A Brief Tour of Famous Hill Valley Homes
This area contains photographs taken of the real-life homes belonging to Marty and Doc ! (These were taken in March 2001.)

The FX 2002 Experience
In February 2002, I had the opportunity to visit the FX convention in Orlando, Florida, where BTTF.COM was a main draw with props and actor Tom Wilson! Photos and commentary from that fun weekend can be seen here.


"The Future That Never Was"
Think you know everything about the Back to the Future films? Take a look at this collection of information about versions of Hill Valley -- screenplay drafts -- that never quite made the final cut!

The Hill Valley Archives
If you ever need to do some homework or research about Hill Valley's history (or future history!) stop by this area for an up close and personal look at some important documents.

The Back to the Future Universe
Where is Hill Valley located? What is Doc Brown's home address? Those answers, and other pertinent information, can be found here!

Main Character Profiles
One of the earliest sections of my website -- and one of the first -- were these profiles of the main peeps in the BTTF series.

Cut Scenes of the Trilogy
Another early aspect of my website, this contained photos of some cut scenes from the three films. (This was before the DVDs actually had many of these in living, breathing color!)

The Character Photo Album
Also a bit "classic" at this website, an area with photographs from the movie (i.e. like that one picture Doc gave Marty at the end of Back to the Future, Part III)!


Back to the Future -- BTTF.COM
This website -- a.k.a. "BTTF.COM" -- is easily the most definitive webpage out there. Webmaster Stephen Clark offers rare photos, downloadable screenplays, up-to-the-minute news on BTTF and the stars, and BTTF merchandise. Make it your first stop if you're a fan, and you will not be disappointed.

The Back to the Future Tour
The webmaster of "The Big Waste of Space" has created a nifty website for anyone who has a yen to track down the real-life locations where BTTF was filmed. (I've used it myself when I've done similar self-tours with friends.)


The Michael J. Fox Foundation
My favorite actor Michael J. Fox has established own website with information on both the actor-turned-activitst as well as his foundation for Parkinson's research and ways you can help in the fight for a cure.

The Michael J. Fox Database
A regularly updated website that has the latest on what's going on with Fox, as well as photographs, links to other websites, reviews, etc.

The website of Mary Jean Holmes, which boasts not only BTTF fanfic, but fanfic for some other genres, as well as original symphonies and creations for "The Sims."