Although you're welcome to, you don't have to read these things off the computer screen. Typically, the best way to preserve the spacing and the layout and the like for these tales is to save the pages as HTML files -- not simple text files -- then open them up in Microsoft Word or Claris Works or any number of programs that recognize files in that manner. Then you can print them at your leisure... or simply haul them around in a laptop computer to read off the screen, though that might give you a bit of a headache. The one exception to this would be "When Worlds Collide," the (big) novel-length collaborative story I wrote with Mary Jean Holmes, which is in Adobe Acrobat. (And no, sorry, I can't pass this story along in HTML. My suggestion if your computer can't deal with Acrobat is to save the files to a disc, take them to Kinko's, and they can print and bind them there for a small fee.)

Background Information

About the stories.

Standard Novella & Novel-length Fanfics

These 20-some stories are part of my regular novella/novel-length BTTF fanfics. I still write these from time to time, though my output is probably, like, one a year now. The stories range in their lengths, from a relatively short 15,000 words ("The Ripple Effect") to a very novel-length 187,000 words ("When Worlds Collide"). But most stories fall in the 50,000 - 70,000 range, or about 100 to 130 pages.

Between-the-Lines: Vignette Fanfics

These stories are generally shorter, and "hole-fillers" of the three films. They don't have to necessarily "merge" with my BTTF universe, but I imagine they probably do.

"The Hill Valley Chronicles"

This is a side project/spin off from "No Place Like Home," one of my longer fanfics. Kind of a "what if" miniseries.

"On Hiatus" Fanfics

The stories here would belong in the "standard" category... if they were completed. These are stories that are, for whatever reason, in a state of indefinite pause.

Cut Scenes & Aborted Stories

These are clips, snippets, that were written (or half written) and then cut from a variety of the "standard" stories -- including my shudder-worthy first BTTF stories. I dusted them off and displayed them in their full, flawed glory because I figure people can see how far I've really come -- and marvel at some of the weird decisions I made.

Miscellaneous Goodies

The stuff here is kind of random -- these odd little BTTF short stories that are either vignettes to my stuff, or else preludes to the original BTTF. Time travel, in general, does not take place.