The pictures included in this web page are ones that were really used in the Back to the Future movies. Some moved the storyline along; some were good for a laugh. Of course I don't have all of the ones that were used in the films (I'd love to get a closer look at that picture in the history book from Back to the Future Part III of the McFly ancestors!) but these four are better then nothing. At any rate, I've always found the pictures that are used in movies--any movie--to be really interesting because they give you a new look at a character in a movie. And these are no different.

As a side note to this--I once read that all pictures that are used in movies are either a) the actors personal photographs sometimes if the picture is of the character as a kid (like in this one scene of Bright Lights, Big City --the photo of Michael J. Fox's character as a child is really a picture of him as a kid!). Or it is b) the actors posing as the character before the filming starts on the movie if the film calls for a specific picture (like, say, that picture that was so important in Back to the Future).

...And speaking of that picture, here it is. I have yet to find a copy of this picture with all those in it intact, and this was the only one I have that actually shows Marty's brother Dave in it. As anyone who has seen BTTF knows, this picture was crucial to the movie. If Doc Brown had never seen it, perhaps he and Marty would never have realized history had massively skewed until it was far too late.

This picture was used in Back to the Future Part II. Jennifer Parker came across it when she was trapped in her future home in 2015 and discovered to her horror that she "got married at the Chapel O' Love?!" This picture is personally my favorite of the lot because it's so goofy. And you never get much of a chance to look at it in the movie, since it's on screen for about three seconds. By the way, anyone ever notice that old George McFly picks this picture up and puts it back on the table upside down after Jennifer drops it? It's pretty subtle.

Another classic BTTF picture here. This one is from Back to the Future Part III. The cinematographer of the three BTTF films, Dean Cundy, is the photographer who takes this picture of Marty and Doc. At the very end of BTTFIII Doc gives Marty a copy of this photograph and written at the bottom is the inscription "To Marty, Partners in Time, September 5, 1885." Wonder what Marty does with the picture?

I'm sure this picture has some people scratching their heads. No, it wasn't in any of the three BTTF movies. But it was in "Back to the Future....The Ride"! At least in the Florida theme park this picture can be found, framed, in the rooms you wait in right before you get in the 8 passenger DeLorean. My theory on this one was that before leaving the town festival in 1885, Doc revisited the photographer with Clara and got this taken to remember that special night.