He wanted a time machine. She wanted an adventure.


Sam Foster is a fairly typical modern American teenager who just invented a time machine. He didn't mean to bring back anything from his first trip to the past, but he returned home to 2005 with more than he bargained for: Meg Clayton, a spirited pioneer girl from Oregon. Their lives - and history - will never be the same again.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013:

- If Universal gets involved with this, count me in! It'd be nice to finally give the masses the BTTF fanfics on an e-book platform....

- Many life changes in the last year -- moving states, back to working full-time in my teaching career, and, this summer, getting married. While I will be changing my last name in my real life, I will forever and always be Kristen Sheley for my writing. I made that decision a long, long time ago. I like the idea of having a pen name, a double identity.

- I've had a hard fight with writer's block this year, but this summer I plan to get back on the writing pony and tame it once more. I know, I know, you've heard that before, but I MEAN it this time, gosh darn it! Considering I won't be looking for a job and will actually have a couple months of free time, this has a better chance of coming true!


Kristen Sheley was born in January 1979 in Beaverton, Oregon. She graduated from the University of Oregon with a BS in magazine journalism, and later earned her Master of Arts in Teaching from Pacific University. She taught high school English for seven years in Northern California before eventually returning to the town of her youth. In 2012, she moved to Colorado, where she is teaching once more.

At nine, she fell in love with writing and dreamed of becoming a published novelist one day. Kristen wrote the first "Partners in Time" book on and off between the ages of fifteen and twenty-one. It was finally published in October 2002. The latest book in the series, A Change of Course, was released in the fall of 2010.

In her spare time, Kristen enjoys photography, history, research, traveling, reading magazines and novels, and movies -- especially the Back to the Future films.